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Backpacks and Sunhats is a family travel and world schooling blog.

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We are family of 4 from New Zealand.  Kim is Kiwi and Paul is from England, the kids were born in New Zealand and are lucky enough to be dual citizens. Before we started traveling we were living in Upper Hutt, in the Wellington area of New Zealand.  In mid 2017 we decided it was time to stop talking about how to make a gap year trip a reality for our family and just do it.

6 months later we had sold our house, our cars and a lot of our stuff.  We bought a one way ticket to Singapore and planned the first part of our adventure. 100 days in South East Asia.  After that we spent a few weeks in the UK, regrouping and seeing Paul’s family, before starting stage 2 a driving / camping trip through Spain, Portugal France, Italy… Read about Camping in Europe Adventures in a Tent.

Tagines in Marrakech SouksWe also fitted in a quick trip to Marrakech, Morocco for the two of us while the kids saw their grandparents.  I loved Marrakech and we will definitely take the kids back one day.

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Worldschool at Hadrian’s wall

What about school?  Well while we travel we do worldschool, click the link to read more. Before we left, our kids went to a fantastic Montessori school in New Zealand they are already great at independent learning and enjoy their school ‘work’.

We’re interested in responsible travel, sustainable tourism and how we can have a positive impact when we travel.  We’re still learning, but from time to time we post on the topic. Read about Social Enterprise in South East Asia.

Plans for the future?  We’ll return to New Zealand at the end of the year. We won’t travel forever, although it is tempting, we have established careers and our kids miss home.  We hope that we’ll take the lessons we’ve learned on this trip and remember if future to value time and experiences together over possessions.  I hope we keep the worldschool mindset too.  The world is our classroom including our home country. We can definitely see long and short term stints of travel being part of our future plans and we hope to write about those trips too.

Why start a travel blog?

We started our blog for lots of reasons:

People asked us to!  It turns out lots of people secretly dream of doing this too and want to follow our travels.  We hope we can inspire others to take the first step.

It is a great way to keep our friends and family up to date with our travels and to have a record for the future.

Laptop Rice Paddy
Travel blogging with a view

We’ve used lots of blogs to help us plan our trip so we’re happy to share our experiences to help others plan their next trip, whether that be 12 months around the world, a once in a lifetime trip to Borneo, or 2 weeks in Thailand.

We take thousands of photos and can’t use them all so you can check out some of our favourites on Instagram, Facebook and the Gallery page.  Don’t forget to follow us on social media, we really appreciate any shares of our content to help others read our story.

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