Singapore – Sentosa Island and Botanic Gardens

Sentosa Island is a 500 hectare island resort just 15 minutes from Singapore, accessible by MRT, cable car or road.  The island has various attractions, theme parks, resort hotels and beaches.  We visited because we were keen to have a beach day and Paul and I had visited Sentosa Island 10 years earlier, and were interested to see how it had changed.  We chose the cable car to get to the island, although quite expensive it is an experience in itself, as it travels across the harbour you get a fantastic view of the cruise ships below. As well as a good view of the port and land reclamation activities.  One ticket allows you to hop on and off and several cable car stops around the island.






We headed to Siloso beach for a very pleasant swim and sunbathe, while watching the numerous container ships and ferries offshore.  Singapore is a very busy port and it is fascinating to think about where all the different ships are going and what they are carrying.  We had lunch in a beachside café it was lovely to put my feet in the sand and have a cocktail – felt like a proper resort holiday.  Unfortunately it comes with the resort price tag too.

Overall we were pleased we went to check out Sentosa, we enjoyed the cable car and the morning on the beach but we agreed we wouldn’t bother returning in a hurry.  If you are very interested in visiting theme parks you might enjoy Sentosa.

Botanic Gardens and National Orchid Garden


The following day we visited the Botanic Gardens and in particular the National Orchid Garden.  We had been to the Orchid Gardens before and I really loved them, plus it is nice for the kids to have a chance to run around and relax without worrying about crowds and traffic.

We took the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit / Underground train system) to the gardens but it was a long walk to the Orchid Garden so we took a taxi back.  We sometimes found that the cost of 4 MRT tickets was not much different to a taxi fare.  There is a tourist pass that gives unlimited MRT travel for a number of days at a fixed price and in hindsight we should have purchased one of these as we used the MRT a lot.  It was a weekend day and there were lots of families out and people walking their dogs, S loves dogs with a passion so she really enjoyed seeing all the dogs playing in the park.

The orchid gardens display over 600 species and hybrids of orchids.  Entry was just $5 each with children free, we spent a bit over an hour here, which was enough for the kids. They enjoyed practicing their photography with so many beautiful orchids to photograph.  This is one of my favourite pictures:


But here are lots more!!

We finished off our day with lunch on Orchard Road, a swim and Chinatown in the evening.  More on Chinatown and Marina Bay Sands in the next post.


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