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We had 3 days / 4 nights in Kuala Lumpur, not enough to do everything, but enough to do some of the key sights.  It is a busy city and being less developed than Singapore, much more challenging to get around.  Traffic is very busy.  Footpaths if they exist, are often uneven or broken. I was pleased I wasn’t trying to negotiate the streets with a stroller.  3 days was enough for us, we enjoyed it but we were ready to move on at the end of it.

Paul has always been very interested in seeing the Petronas Twin Towers so we headed there on the first day.  At 88 storeys high and a height of 451.9 metres, the towers were completed in 1996 and at the time were the tallest in the world.  They are still the tallest twin towers and a very impressive site.


Our main destination for the day was inside the towers – The Petrosains Discovery Centre.  This excellent and very hands-on science museum in KL is a must see for families.  One of the challenges of world schooling is how to manage subjects like science when you can only take limited resources with you.  We’ve identified a few key science museums along our route that will be key to covering this part of the curriculum.

Petrosains is huge, we spent at least 4 hours there.  There is a large area about Space, including lots of hands on activities to learn about life on the international space station which we really enjoyed.  We watched a science show and learned about what you need to make an explosion.  There are exhibits on speed, molecules, creating energy, electrical currents and loads more.  There is an exhibit showing life on an oil platform and just when we thought we were done, we spent a long time learning about future energy and energy planning for cities.  The discovery centre starts and ends with a ‘dark ride’ and there are small rides throughout.  Unfortunately for S, she was too short for almost all of them which was a source of great frustration for her.


Also at Petronas towers is a large mall – no surprises there then!  Outside is a pleasant park, on the last day we found a great playground and splash pad and wading pool.  A lovely spot to cool off after a busy day.  Just like Singapore there were lots of local families enjoying these free attractions.  At the moment L & S tend to stick together in places like this but I’m hoping in time they’ll get the confidence to play with other children when the opportunities arise.


Within the park area outside the towers are fountains, in the evening there is a fountain light show which is good to see.  If you’ve seen other similar shows in places such as Dubai, then this isn’t as impressive, but it was still a pleasant way to spend an evening and the kids thought it was great.

It was also a good opportunity to see the Petronas Twin Towers lit up at night.


In Kuala Lumpur we stayed at E&O Residences.  There is a good choice of apartment style accommodation in KL and E&O was in a good location, and close to a monorail station.  The apartments are getting shabby and in need of redecoration, but they are huge.  We had a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment that also had an office and a third toilet.  In fact it was so big packing up at the end of 4 nights was a nightmare and we left some things behind!  The complex also has a good gym and a nice pool.  If you keep an eye out for a good deal these apartments are good value overall.  Book E&O Residences or view other accommodation in KL at Agoda.

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