Rainforest Discovery Centre Borneo

If you stay 3 nights / 2 days in Sepilok you can visit the Orangutans and Sun Bears one day and the Rainforest Discovery Centre the 2nd day.

We stayed at the Sepilok Forest Edge Resort in a 2 bedroom villa.  Staying at this place is an experience in itself.  Right on the edge of the forest there is wildlife everywhere, lush gardens to walk through and the sounds of the jungle at night are amazing.  The small pool is in a beautiful setting and the views from the restaurant beautiful.


On our last day at the resort we had a visitor at breakfast!


The resort is walking distance to the Orangutans and Sun Bears but the Rainforest Discovery Centre is a bit too far to walk.

The Discovery Centre was originally built to educate school children about the Rainforest, it is now also a tourist attraction.  Most tourists pass it by on their way to the other attractions of Sepilok.  On the day we visited we had it almost to ourselves.  We spent 2-3 hours here and only saw a fraction of the forest, their are a large number of walks of different lengths.  You can also register for a guided night walk.  We headed to the 100ft high canopy walkways and went up 3 observation towers.  Up on the walkway you are high in the trees and get a completely different view compared to being down in the forest.


After the walkway we crossed the swing bridge over the lake and were lucky enough to see a monitor lizard in the lake.

Monitor LizardMonitor Lizard 2

We then spent ages in the Plant Discovery Garden, here they have displays of about 250 species of native orchids, pitcher plants, arid land plants, aquatic plants, and some impressive tropical plants.  The orchids weren’t flowering but we enjoyed seeing a pitcher plant up close.  These insect eating plants attract small insects such as ants with their nectar at the slippery rim around the mouth of the pitcher.  Some ants will fall in and drown.  The plants then absorb the nutrients as the insect decays.


We were also able to see economic plants grown for their crops, medicinal plants and edible plants such as Coffee or Cacao.

Heliconiaceae at Rainforest Discovery Centre Borneo

The Rainforest Discovery Centre is an inexpensive attraction and well worth a few hours of your time.  Don’t forget your jacket, after all it is a Rainforest!  If you get a taxi here it could be difficult to get one back so arrange a pick up or download the Grab app for your time in Borneo.

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