Tips for Visiting Angkor Wat with Kids

Backpacksandsunhats at Bayon
Backpacksandsunhats at Bayon

There is a lot to think about and plan when visiting Angkor Wat with kids.  See our post about Angkor Wat for lots of pictures and a run down of the temples we visited.  As well as the great accommodation we stayed in.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your time at Angkor Wat with kids.

Hire a driver and a guide

Try to have a private driver and guide if possible, whether it is by tuk tuk or air conditioned car.  Joining a large tour group means it is harder to stop when the kids need to and to meet their needs for food, toilet, rest etc.  At Angkor Wat a driver and guide is affordable.  You’ve probably come a long way and spent a lot of money to get here, so make sure you get the best experience you can.

Prioritise your temples

Decide which temples are your must see and make sure you communicate this to your driver / guide.  That way if you have to finish earlier than planned you’ve seen the ones that you most wanted to visit.

Research Angkor Wat pass options beforehand

There are 1 day, 3 day and 7 day passes available.  Having more than 1 day means you can dip in and out, rather than having to do one full day.  For the 3 and 7 day passes they do not have to be consecutive days.

Buy your pass the day before, from 5pm

You can buy tickets in the late afternoon for the next day and they will also allow you in that afternoon to watch the sunset. The temples close at 6pm. You’ll be ready to go the next day without having to waste time at the ticket office.

They take your photograph and print it on your ticket, your ticket is not transferable and there are significant fines if you are found in the park without a ticket.

Take your child’s passport with you

When we visited kids under 12 were free, but we had a hard time convincing them L was only 9, so take ID for your kids when buying tickets.

Dress code at Angkor Wat

Your shoulders and knees need to be covered at the temples, this also applies when buying your ticket as they may not let you purchase if you don’t meet the dress code.

Take lots of water

If you can, freeze a few bottles the night before so they defrost during the day and you still have chilled water.

Take some light snacks or treats

Your guide will probably recommend a good restaurant for lunch but it is useful to have some of your child’s favourite snacks to keep the energy levels up.  A snack break is also a great opportunity to sit and take it all in and share a treat with your guide.

Take plenty of sun protection

Although you need to cover up at the temples, go for light, loose layers, for comfort.  Remember hats and loads of sunscreen.

Wear comfortable shoes

There is a lot of walking and climbing up steep steps too.

Use a baby carrier / toddler backpack

If you have little ones, there are so many uneven paths and steps, a stroller just wouldn’t be practical.

Give yourself some time

With little people, things can go wrong and if your schedule is tight and your child is sick on the one day you’ve allocated for seeing Angkor Wat you could go home very disappointed.  Speaking from experience here!

Do some prior research

Depending on the age of your children you can watch documentaries or do some reading about Angkor Wat beforehand to get more out of your visit.

Backpacksandsunhats at Ta Prohm 2
Backpacksandsunhats at Ta Prohm

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