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In Bali one of my bucket list experiences was to stay in a proper Bali Villa in the rice paddy fields in Ubud.  We stayed 5 nights at Masia Villa Ubud and it was everything I hoped it would be, a truly chilled out Bali experience in beautiful surroundings.  We were welcomed with a delicious mint welcome drink while the room was quickly sorted to accommodate the kids.

Entrance to Masia Villa
Entrance to Masia Villa Ubud

Rooms at Masia Villa Ubud

Our spacious room had a 4 poster bed and could easily accommodate an extra roll away bed for the kids.  The doors opened onto a lovely terrace with stunning views of the rice paddy fields.  Each afternoon I sat with my laptop and a G&T on the beautiful terrace soaking in the views and atmosphere.

View from room Masia Villa
View of our room at Masia Villa

The local farmer came by each day at dusk to tend to his fields.  I got up at dawn one day hoping to see the sunrise but it wasn’t a very clear day so while it was lovely to be out in the peaceful, cool, morning air, I didn’t get great pictures.

Outdoor bathroom at Masia
Outdoor bathroom at Masia Villa Ubud

The gorgeous bathroom had an outdoor shower and bath, I made sure to keep one night free for lovely long soak under the stars.

You do need to appreciate you are in Bali and there will be a certain amount of insect life but the rooms are kept spotlessly clean.  We had an additional guest in our room, a very large spider we nick-named Bruce!  He disappeared while we were trying to get him outside and we never knew if he went out, or hid again in the curtains, we told ourselves he was gone so we could sleep at night!

Food at Masia Villa Ubud 

Each day we could choose whether to have breakfast on our terrace or at the restaurant. With fresh juices, coffee, fruit, and eggs, French toast or pancakes to choose from.

Breakfast at Masia Villa, Ubud

The restaurant also serves dinner which we had once, there are so many places to eat in Ubud that we were spoilt for choice but the restaurant has a lovely view if you don’t feel like going out.

Pool at Masia Villa Ubud

The small pool was lovely to soak in each afternoon and while not huge and with just a few loungers, it was never too crowded.

Pool at Masia Villa.jpg
Pool at Masia Villa Ubud

Scooter transfers!

The most exciting thing about this stay for the kids was that we transferred in and out on scooters. This was always an entertaining experience.   We felt really bad, because being the end of our Asia trip after about 12 weeks travelling,  we arrived with so much stuff.  It took 3 scooters to carry it in and then come back for us!  Also because of the kids we were 3 on a scooter each time, driver, parent and child on each one.  But it was all done with a smile and never any indication that we were an inconvenience.

You could walk into town but it is a long way in the Bali heat.  We already walked a lot each day so we used the scooter transfers each time we wanted to go in and out of town.  The 5 minute ride was an adventure each day through the paddy fields and then onto a small but very busy lane, dodging all the other scooters, into Ubud Palace area next to Starbucks.  There was always something new to see.

Although the location is out of town, because of the free drop off it is actually quite convenient.

Tip! It is handy to have a phone with mobile data so you can call the hotel mobile on WhatsApp when you need a pick up.

If you feel confident scooter riding in Bali you could hire a scooter yourself for a small cost.

Surrounding area Masia Villa

If you do like to walk, there are other villas and hotels on the same lane that have restaurants.  You don’t need to go in to town to ‘eat out’.  You can also get ice cream, beer and cold drinks within walking distance.  It is nice to take a walk through the many paths in the paddy fields.

If I returned to Ubud I would stay again at Masia Villa without hesitation. It is great value for such a special and unique stay.  You can view and book on Agoda. Click the image above.

This is an affiliate link.  If you book using this link it costs you nothing extra and we make a small commission.  We stayed at Masia Villa at our own expense and have written this review only because we liked it so much and think others should discover it too!

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