Our Worldschool trip began in South East Asia in January 2018, you can read a brief summary of the trip here.   You can find links to destinations and blog posts on our South East Asia destinations page.

In April we headed to the UK to visit family and start preparations for camping in Europe.  We’ve started those blog posts, you can find them on our Europe Destinations page with lots more to come.

Visit our Marrakech page for posts about our time there in May.

How do we decide where to go?

Before we set off there were a few must-see destinations on our list.  Other places are included as part of Worldschool, because we thought they would enrich our children’s learning, and education is a big reason why we are doing this trip.  In a normal 2-week holiday some places are quite inaccessible or expensive to travel to for a short-time.  I’d never thought of visiting Borneo on holiday, but it is an easy addition to a trip that already includes Malaysia.  It was also an amazing destination for worldschool.

Worldschool at Tanah Lot Bali

There are lots of other things to take into consideration like border crossings, visas, cost, safety, and time. We had about 100 days in South East Asia, a lot, but still never enough to see everything.

In Europe we get 90 days on a Schengen visa, Paul and the kids have UK passports, but I don’t, so we are limited by my NZ passport here.