Here is where you can read about how we are managing the children’s schooling while we travel.  What is worldschool?  How to worldschool? The answers will be different for each family but I’ll share how we incorporate education into our travels, what we’ve been learning lately and where we’ve been.

Periodically I will post about the classes, workshops and educational experiences we’ve been having as well as our routines and the workbooks or online programmes we use.

We are sort of following the New Zealand Curriculum with workbooks, but not through any formal distance learning programme.  Mostly it is the day to day experiences of our travel that we are learning from, Elephant conservation in Thailand, cooking classes, geography of Northern Thailand, wildlife in Borneo.

I’ve also written some posts specifically about worldschooling, so if you are looking for some inspiration on how to incorporate education into your long term family travels then have a look at the posts below.

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